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Since there is no airport on Serifos, the only way to reach the island is by sea-either by yacht or by boat from Piraeus port in Athens, in which case the journey takes about 2 hours.


The island is part of the western Cyclades (Milos regional unit).

It is located South of Kythnos and North-West of Sifnos some 170 kilometres far from Piraeus.

It’s a relatively small island (75.2 square kilometres) with about 1,400 permanent residents.

Things to see

The Cyclops’ Throne

One of the locations worth visiting is the Cyclops Cape, which has a gorgeous and unique panoramic view of the island. There, you will find the Cyclops’ Throne -the locals call it Psaropyrgos. Feel free to climb and sit on it to get an idea of what it feels like to be a one-eyed mythical monster!


In the southern part of the island, on Spathi Cape, 65 meters above the sea, stands a stone lighthouse with a height of 9.7 meters. It was first opened in 1901 with oil as its source of energy. It remained switched off during the Second World War and was reopened in 1945. Since 1988 it has been operating as an electric lighthouse. You can access it by a dirt road from the port of Serifos.


The windmills in Mills Square are one of Chora’s most characteristic landmarks. They are located at the entrance to Ano Chora, while today, only three of the eight that existed at the site stand. The mills have vertical blades and a horizontal shaft mounted on the fixed building rather than a movable conical roof. This type is also known as a “mono-weather” since only a specific wind direction can move its blades.


Psili Ammos

The island’s most famous beach. A golden sandy beach without a single pebble was voted the best beach in Europe in 2003. Its shallow waters are ideal for small children. It also has several shady spots, which is pretty convenient even if you get there without an umbrella.


It is located a stone’s throw from Livadi. In fact, it is so close that many people choose to visit for one last swim before taking the ferry back home. The steps on its left side lead to the harbor. If you’re looking for a shady spot, you can also find several trees next to the golden beach.


A small but enchanting beach, which you will find in the southern part of the island, quite close to the lighthouse at Akrotiri Spathi. Without any shade but with a landscape of wild beauty that matches the island’s character, it can easily seduce you and become your favorite destination during your stay.

Agios Sostis

It takes its name from a small chapel located on the nearby rocks - where a unique festival is held on the eve of the saint’s feast day, on the evening of September 6. Rocks surround the beach, but the sandy part in the middle is delightful, and the island of Vou is directly opposite.

The whitewashed houses, the bougainvilleas, the radiant cobalt blue front doors, the locals’ hanging laundry. Somewhere in between, dashes of greenery emerge to tie the stony to the human. From Troulos – Serifos’ highest peak – to its sandy shores, the island has a plethora of locations with a laconic charm that transports you to an Aegean of a bygone era…

Local Cuisine

Seaside taverns with an ever-changing menu, depending on the day’s catch. Small cafes with friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Bars with great cocktails and dazzling views. Serifos is not a sum of tastes. It’s an amalgamation of culinary experiences.

If you want to enjoy an iced coffee and a tasty brunch with a view, there’s Robinson at Livadi. Serifos ‘ Yacht Club is a perfect spot for any time of the day, while Chill & Co serves excellent brunch. As for the traditional coffee spots, there’s Stratos at the Chora Square – an ideal choice for some local tastes and a Greek coffee, a beer, or a shot of tsipouro with meze. Vassileas is also located at Chora, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a traditional rebetiko live act. As for the bars, there’s Gaidaros (Donkey) at Chora and Fragosyko (a cafe bar overlooking the marina and the port).

Now, let’s move to the main course: in Chora, you can enjoy some fine dishes in Plakes, Marathoriza or Seriani (where you can also find mezedes – or small plates – and vegetarian options). In Livadi, there’s Metalleio and Thalami (another seafood spot, a casual choice). As for the taverns on various island’s beaches, there’s Vito’s Akroyiali (right next to Sykamia), Takis and Manolis (at Livadi beach), and Porto Cadena (at Koutalas).